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Medahochi's Prayer

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all that, there's much of deep value in so-called traditional curtelus. For example, we seem to have the sacred task of preserving certain expressive values for humanity, the same way the Arabs preserved Greek manuscripts all through the European dark ages. The West is going through a kind of emotional dark age, and there's something of great importance, maybe more important than science and mathematics, that Africa has to bring to a world that's forgotten certain subtleties of human and societal interactions.This is all the more reason why Nigerians should be at the vanguard of human rights!

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Babalawo Oluwole Ifakunle Adetutu

Baba Medahochi was a true man of wisdom. I put him in contact with many other Ifa priest around the United States and they all loved him when they meet or talked to him. I especially remember the love he showed me when I was a new initiate and he would send me any of the writing he had translated. These documents have become some of the great treasures I have. I have never made copies for anyone but I wonder did I do a service not to have given them those who can benefit from his work. I would call on him often and he would give me kind words and honored greetings. He respected the knowledge of Ifa I had and was so happy when I was able to send him information on Ifa he had never seen. In fact the first Ifa initiation which took place in Oyotunji of an Ifa priest he called me to get some important necessary for the ceremony. I miss him and ask that he doesn't sleep a forgetful sleep. Remember us who are his kids still on the earth.



how my i obtain a copy of the sixteen great signs and their meaning


How do I partake in the class

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