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Medahochi's Prayer

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Fly to wait a person and put out to kill more than 30 persons, plus a front sneak attack of, have already killed more than 100 variations personage's soldier.

"Evil pit!"The Du flew to kill a weird living creature that wants to make a surprise attack him, then took out it the evil pit in the head is according to what manual describes.

Courageous empire of heavy ride soldier is exhausting a small parts of persons to smoothly once hurtle the defense line constituted by tower shield.Li Jun saw their speed slowly down behind order way:"Preparation, being dead must also give me bite off them a piece of meat."Hear these heavy infantries after Li Jun's words the big Ji in the hand forward on standing, the more than 5,000s big Ji layer clearly formed a tight Ji wood.The soldier of fairy martial empire just prepared appropriate and courageous empire of heavy rode a soldier to kill at present.After both parties' soldier hands over to start, the heavy infantry phalanx immediately appeared large-scale dead and injured, but these heavy infantry really according to what Li Jun says, be dead also want to bite away the other party a piece of meat

However the Z country has been thoroughly rising now, it lets Be near to sink into national dismay in the very short distance small R country with Z country.Among them black Long Hui's member of right wing, sank into crary situation more, fore for a while instigate with all strength to again start the war to the Z country, declare not and fight a R country necessarily Wu.However international top does the big harmonious atmosphere permit impish son to break?Know small R country after wanting launch war include their M country lord son at inside of many nations all hair come to warn, make the small R country, this deceit soft afraid the hard nation has to eliminate to stop down.

Sun rise the month fall, a connect 2 people for nine days the east of the facing make great effort in this boundless ocean.Leaf's singing the second day that the breeze floats a sea surface at 2 people has been already come to turn, although he whom he doesn't know that Li Jun is how to save, also know that Li Jun can save to arise from F in the deep place of ocean to can't definitely be an easy affair.Can whenever as he is starting to ask this affair Li Jun all chose it's silent, as time passes the leaf sings breeze also be not bringing up this matter, but his heart in is anyway can't forget Lee, either to handsomely help of boon.Is awake the leaf after sing breeze to resume he or she to almost consume with a day almost exhausted of inside dint, although inside the dint depletion resumed about, but those external injury be not can resume for a day and two days of, and because of have no boats and ships and have been soaking is at the sea water vilification harder heal.Saw basic instauration of the energy that the leaf sings breeze Li Jun finally insist not to live collapsed and fainted in the past, also no wonder that she would be collapsed and fainted, although just three very short regardless is in the deep sea to leaf after singing the poise spirit still float one the surface took a leaf to sing all of breeze headways are very depletion physical strength, only for the sake of care the leaf sing breeze she always bitterness bitterness' insisting, since the leaf sang breeze to have no big Ai her to also finally insist not to live.

Give to you care of my very considerate, extremely with gratitude.

Sealing to traverse is wrinkly to knit the brows, upset way:"Talk and be responsible a point, they is what person I also don't know, don't plus criminal charges to me indiscriminately, know, I but float a guest who living the valley, even is future host."

" Jade, you isn't suspicion forget an elder brother not tired?"Put a root again Yang, forget detection the jade still lie prone on her back, although he doesn't feel to trap,the back ascends the little milk pig of jade those two softnesses, let him some in a restless and jumpy moods, can seek to lend to remind a way.

See the appearance that the Du fly eyebrows to tightly lock, great white crane true person tiny white he 1:"Although we chase that what group are into a bait, but can't neglect their peace or chaoses, they are also a members of our Z country son people!"

Just the Du flies and knows the situation that didn't probe into pit with the absolute being and originally thought to just be taken the trace that the treasure left and had no how to care, but realizes now the thing makes to come out and just suddenly responds to come over in the heart, the whole piece suspends the thickness of mainland and knows and finishes now in the milli- silk in his absolute being, but a piece of pit in the mainland he explore not and exactly a department, might it not be that pit in connected another space?

The gold is small to open to say with smile:"The escape from death necessarily has luck in later life and no matter how it is, say that we are safe and sound on the whole."


Resist to accept Xian one to drink low, the knife sword in hand draws a together perfect track and forms a small scaled district in oneself's periphery.

"So a short while effort, did you change a set clothes to still start cooking a meal?"Once and the wave was green to once get along with a period of time, the Du flew of in the tone not aware of self the district contained easy one silk.Previous affair already past, return to the Earth space now, the Du flies to think hereafter still need to ask for help of a green scholarship to enhance the Earth person, the attitude nature isn't very too not smooth.

"The elder brother wants to be own affair, we can not implicate him!In fact the "the jade see arrive together together graceful unwilling appearance and come forward to hug her shoulder, some regrets grounds say, " elder brother has ambition at self-discipline and basically has never thought the men and women's feeling and was like us to so put feelings on elder brother, the root can't include a whereabouts."

That person will soon appear.

"Compare to a match so much!"Clapped to clap a Huang Tong Dao person with excited look, the Du flew a station to start, " your very good company measures the affair of game, I this loiterer didn't disturb you!"Finish saying to order to Zhu Hua and the Huang Tong Liang people, then and greatly tread the hole mansion of leaving the Zhu Hua Dao person.

"Who know ……if be really so, that is also too terrible."

Probed into the heel of those people to come up, the Du flew heart in secretly on smiling, sped a step, body form one Shan entered a toilet.

Is red and burning don't expect at present of the gold is small to open to also use to invoke a monster, frightened under avoid being seen to cannot compare with, be rowed beside from the thigh by a bone blade, mowed on the thigh together deep it is thus clear that bone of wound.Was red and burning to absolutely soon go crazy, he felt the gold being small to open also and have no much badly, but canning harm

Shoot to come in.

"Must be so!I'fusion' Liu just of hair, hence acquired his intelligence and knowledge ……however was really a strange affair, why used a hair to go?How other parts are?"


"The Du flies, what problem does the noodles have here?"See the Du fly facial expression on becoming, piece open mouth but didn't talk, car Xuan the station is tiny tiny a think that he just asked words and immediately cross-examined a way.

When Du flew an original plan to have a competition with opponent this time, let out to work properly burning gobble up an enough energy creation to evolve, who know end hid to acquire victory for an hour, so work properly to blaze or be placed in first floor.

Smile to ask a way.

"It is so."Sea the Si point nod and peeped out the air of "that's a good boy" on the face.

In a class I teach for adult

That black eyes seems to feel to seal the Ling is eying it, the facing sealed a Ling to blink eyes.

"But ……our real strenght is so weak, in case of at in meet what strong living creature, how can that do?"

"Eldest brother king, today come not for the sake of the business of wager shop."Smell a speech dog son again grasp to touch his hair, was eager to asking the question in a heart, he didn't also care the tone that Wang Xing's soldier condemns.

The smiling face of the in the mind full to overflow pride of six small Yues, she hates to declare to the Fan in week right away, these are their engagements.Certainly, she what don't also say, just lower the head, be like a butterfly that the Fu kisses fresh flowers, with full intention and with full intention is all sweet.

Make change a silver scale dress after, the qualities of the owner almost for of a change, have a dignity vehemence to send forth unclearly.

"Can't, they are again creations differences to change of mankind?"


This kind of means if sneak into general organization, perhaps have some a hope, but want to sneak into the fairyland of Peng Lai, in front of the monks that can literally use to work properly to know to fish for to remember a bubble, the root is the Yan ear thief's bell!

"Jing Hao true person?Guy in"looking at the Du flies of facial expression, Dan dust son immediately guessed and smiled an explanation way, " BE

Resist for a sky, the Chen nods.

The nation class marsh forest in United States that I have ever been to park.At a time when withered water season, we are very lucky, can along the footpath has been walking into the deep place of marsh forest, at that time, the magic power of great universe profoundly shook me.Raise eyes to hope to go, one stub stub straight outstanding three days, big trees, the Wei Wei Huang Huang ground the end that had been spreading till world, occasionally had slanting the tree that several stubs don't know when to be blewed down by the breeze to have the gradual morals and custom on the ground, full with green Tai, squirrel and some little animals are done nest with it and played around in the interval, entirely different wit and humour.I think that if there are no these cripple woods for pouring out, there are no the bushes of one Peng of not even one Pengs from, only have the materials of tidy uniform pillars, this primary forest will be much more inferior to.

"Mu snow, you see."The jade kisses to finally come to an end for the time being in several vice-ministers of the male and Lin Mu Xue, he takes out a hand of underneath and puts Lin Mu Xue's in front to sway to sway.

3500% win a gold!Is at the thought of this, two white-collar workers immediately feel they just 5,000 pieces won are so irony, connect to take because of win the excitement of money also have no.Wait until a lotus officer lightly shout one to"put up stakes", two white-collar workers just respond to come over.

Resist for a sky, the Chen double eyes are one Ning, seemed to see clear the layout of room, slowly walk toward that figure in corner to, walk while saying:"Younger sister Shi, need not played again, I had already disordered strategies and also had no time to accompany you to enjoy, I have already taken leave water pure work properly.So we this returns to."

"E there is also this kind of matter?"Close the border this time, the Du flies to want to test 13 member of team,

"The younger generation absolutely don't shuffle out to the elder generation, otherwise the sky thunders five thunders to bomb, the younger generation doesn't die a natural death!"See the Du fly to suddenly peep out harsh countenance, old slowly of the courages was almost frightenned to have no, hurriedly the swear swears that the ground says.

"Come to really harvest this time huge!"Hum ditty in mouth, thousand crane year transfers work properly dint to be crystal to pull out from the underground the whole piece of gold stone, due-in into kept thing magic weapon in after, just satisfied ground to sigh a voice, however turn to read, he has heart to wonder a way again, "have so several treasures here, think necessarily Chen Shi Bin before didn't also imagine!Being greedy for a word is successful in career and then becomes a poverty, I if take excessive sky of material ground treasure, affirmation will recruit to Chen Shi Bin's Ji to hate, while I read a religion and is different from demon the palace real strenght is strong, don't fear to an evil palace, still collect some accept to leave, province fall to have of adopting and having no the life is used of end!"

"Calculated, temporarily don't talk these."Sea the Si stare at a gold small open a way:"Is previous you make use of of is the golden light actually what things?What Ling Jia wise powerful ruler says forbids a machine is that thing?"

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Baba Medahochi Kofi Omowale Zannu Mogbarimu Ajinaku El: Insinku (Celebratory Funeral Rite)


jeremy scott shoes "Mr. Du ……" six green just one openings, the Du flew stretched hand to stop her, immediately after from the room in took out to a suitcase, one of "Pa" opened, bright five pieces of jadeites of bests, biggestly had results to show person fist size, minimum of also had so big big Zao.

But this is in the dreamland, what magic aims at is the person's nerve, this is the illusion that results in very easily, seal a Ling but can't have illusion like this, because of, seal the mind of Ling , original very of fortitude and resilience, and then have him the assistance of heart, very easily and then know everything of left bosom Yu.

"Hum!Don't think I don't know your means and see be dressed in light fresh, then use a cellular phone, "listen to the Du fly a ground of question, that girl stops descend step, the Pie mouth despise way, " connects down whether turn round and then run, so can cheat to a cellular phone!How?Your plan is said by me medium, whether want to rob clearly?"Girl although mouth up nowise show consideration, she sees a that the Du fly one meter eight Gaos head, and strong and healthy physique, not from carefully retreated several steps.

Smell the face a long time that the speech Du fly to hope second Se, just one word a ground say:"Civil self-discipline!" In addition to these three commander-in-chief oddness outside, the person on the grandstand also really ignores to solve Li Jun to do like this of intention.Most hide don't live worry of is money much many, he silently towards Ao snow, it says:"Ao eldest brother, does Li Jun want to do what?Even see my persons who don't understand strategies to come out to do like this is seek dead!"Present person which not is fix for extraordinary, money much many this sentences although voice very small present person but listen to clearly not from of the concentrated attention listen to Ao snow of answer.Ao snow is also deeply wrinkly eyebrows way:"The fatty doesn't ask me, I don't know what Li Jun wants to do as well.Although with her get in touch with not much this person's each action has her own deep idea, I think that she is to don't want the life that keep on continuing to can't take these soldiers, either plays trick and keep on seeing!"The person of other Three Kingdomses hears behind this answer unavoidably some disappointment, money waited person more to order to nod more cautiously observe fairy behind the force empire be still meeting together of type.

Hear 2 people say so, other youths also all the conflicting views ground noise gets up.

The gold is small to open in distress situation:"You be for saying these with me?That I really walked."The gold is small to open to finish saying to start and then walk, however the ice eye unexpectedly also as well tread to as well tend ground a heel at him after death, the gold is small to drive away her to also walk, the gold is small to open to stop her to also stop.


cheap polo ralph lauren "This have what say so much of, what I learn don't you still know?"Seal a Ling to looking at water thousand Lians Be so hasty to call him, and then don't intend what, have never liked spirit to say.

We are each

"Not say, however should be?"

 is dark.' Is the weakest?"The Du flies to looking at to sit just across the street white man and smiled to raise to raise wine cup, that white man also smiles to return to one gift.

"Shout!"But, although the Du flew to work properly white burning to slow down a lot,the regiment of Jing iron in the big Ding still kept again becoming steam grain son, after all white work properly burning is before the thin gold color worked properly burning the quality changed of evolution, two can not mention in the same breath at all.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you. No matter your body where, regardless you why busy, I will stay and wait here.

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He yiped in pain and the gun dropped to the floor. He dropped after it as I continued the turn so my rigid hand next caught him in the neck.

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cheap polo ralph lauren "You are a Qiao to expect behind now!"Wait wood Huai to wait after person leave, the car Xuan station smiled to smile to fly a way to the Du.

Qian Xiao Qing which can not know Tang can son is pack of, hence sat at Tang in the past can saying of son nearby small voice:"Just and on a ship of time, there is individual asking me, say that the evening is to continue to on a ship play supper still of time come back."

Being a building of inhabitant's type here is all obviously private.Just Lin Hai Tian has already flown for Du to once explain, those little R persons are to lease this house down, have been hiding here, if not that former these little R persons of a period of time intentionally expose their movementses and afraid of country's Anne bureau and still notice not arrive!

"Had better the ability Be little to appear."Cheng Xue wanted to think a way:"Once see our absolute being act the member in fact combine not much, as long as we are a little bit more low-key, thinking necessarily can't have too big trouble." Real United States, from the mind deep place come of, it is a kind pronoun.The United States like this, would warmly, hold out for long time, ignore you is 18

Stone arched door in the center of the part covers with the light act of the 1 F aquamarine blue color, and has a liking for as for line that slightly ripple, there is even also ripples of water like the similar real liquid and goes very of magic.

"Thank."The sincerity that felt Xin Ji's president of association, so the Du flies to also very honestly send thanks a way.


polo ralph lauren shirts "Nothing important, only to you just the salon said is very interested in."The gold is small to open to smile to sing ground to looking at this several individuals, came straight to the point ground to speak his/her own intention, anyway all of these people are the common run of people, basically not likely to be their oneself's this three ranks to gobble up the opponent of , if they dare not to say, give them one good-looking.

The real strenght that waits a person with Li Yan naturally not fear to those assassinating of warriors, but also not ability easily of solution drop these warriors, by so doing four country allied troops' in command of system perhaps will sink into paralytic status.So is these days of Li Yan wait a person what point negotiate is how to can ensure the conductor to the troops in the middle of fighting indiscriminately.Regrettable Gegenschein country of these people no one's these warriorses have understand, even if is a long term with of Su's sea going back and forth hope also not clear, hope according to Su's sea say although before once met as well will endure the warrior of Shu, even if is all of those people to add to arrive together all perhaps have no way and this river door the Yi Chuan compares.

"How, can not?2 somebody else's elder sister Shi's younger brothers originally grew not bad."Hear the Du flies of smile to ask, six a bit green interrogatively answer criticism a way, wish this to have what funny?

Feel everyone changed, have already had no at the beginning on the time in class of felling.

ralph lauren outlet "Like a life!"The sea person lookinging at to kneel to pour, the Du flies to shake, immediately a moved to leave islet in a sudden.

" Jade, let me come."See the jade Be some to can not move it, the Du flew to stretch hand to embrace Wu Tian's corpse body and pulled jade, walk to go home.

In fact and just the sun wonderful pistil in Europe regretted after finishing saying.Was foolish in the vulgar life time for more than ten years, she didn't feel medium to also infect by some bad habits of officialdom, however is former because exist Xue Ling Jian this pre-eminent Long Zu senior clerk, and Long Zu is also a strong dint organization, she above of


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Pandora Jewellery Outlets Strong where is all popular, the Di maple plays of this freely falls a body all alone and also is really no one to always once do so.From fallen off to touch to run into a ground, his speed hasn't been once reducing, in public the person think that he bumps a shot ground, affirmation will hit a big pit.Di maple incredibly skillful one is horizontal slippery, soap carelessly fallen off while being like to take a shower, all impact dint of declivities, all convert to another direction with the Gang spirit, with piece the principle that didn't hate to at the beginning use the universe to greatly move to move to save a person is similar.

Snow heart isn't a first time to come to the wood of absolute being Ze and have a not greatly small town at the wood of absolute being Ze, this small town is along the Ma method river distributes.Snow heart doesn't want to live in inside in the small town, but she once heard as well here am to allow of no to allow to literally chop down tree, disallow to eat carnivorous, disallow the meat-eating Xing has no influence on them, this is also one of the rules of ice snow fairy palace.Disallow to chop down tree, live in the tent don't also relate to, but other ruleses she doesn't know.

Chapter 180 urgent regression

"Zhi" a door opened and copied Shang snow to feel own of nine tail hell the fox walked to come in and went direct to the ice Mu of screen behind before the body, the milli- Don't mentioned it looking at an ice Mu solid muscle, way:"Have so comfortable hot springs you don't go, but be subjected to a jelly here."

Cheap Pandora Bracelets Blare to admire~still ……the most comfortable, home …… ."

Inside in the house is very hot, but has no how much annoyed of felling, seem that dry felling in autumn.

Wear virtuous shut eyes, immediately exciting way:"I saw, here noodles well big, there are also a lot of things."


Cheap Pandora Charms If Tang can son a listen to money small pure to concern own, know that Qian Xiao Qing at least has never been to come from a personal in the mind that the worstly intended, relaxing Tang in 1:00 can the son helplessly say very much:"O.K., you didn't see Kaifeng just of, I once ate a twice.I will notice hereafter.Is small pure, you now whether don't think to be so quick and then promise an otaku, you is be not want to reconsider a period of time again?"

The day sinks a month to rise, along with the getting dark of the color of the sky, 4 has torch, around ten thousand torches make coast best the daytime is general.But sunshine country one square but lights didn't order, 1,000 war ships are under the cool moonlight like hibernate on the water to choose a person but love at any time of time immemorial the huge monster is general.

The fire tooth flies in the blink of an eye to near front, the fire tooth lifts in the hand at this time of the person shout loudly a way:"Is small to open an elder brother?!Little monkey?You how all here?"It is exactly a black piece.

"Is so much good, have

Wholesale Pandora Beads Is disturbingly noisy noisy for several days after, seven Yao cities finally fall calm.

The close by result makes them choose a same school, just together the school is different class of, but, for the result like this, the girl has been very satisfied.After schooling begins just she but can hardly see him, even if met him also just the light dozen receive, the situation like this makes the girl feel infinite woe.

Come to travel."Looking at in the moment some awkward and shily young girl, the Du has already flown to helplessly smile to smile in the heart, then then crossed her to continue to climb mountain.


Cheap Pandora Necklaces "This is ……passage?"The gold is small to open some accidents, have never thought here to unexpectedly have such a strange thing.Actually, among this ancient civilization historic relic of thing, the none isn't the imagination that outruns them.

The moment understands the Du of this kind of wager method to fly, in the heart not from shook to shake head.That David because Li Dan Shu's business is very dissatisfied to him, affirmation can't like a dozen of matches with him, even if finally lost a card, in the Kui especially also can not remember clearly Chu there, will let Kui especially a they 2 pull and drag to shirk responsibility.

"Being rich can make ghost push to whet."This sentence puts in England to also equally apply.Each standard matches, and the check of EUR 100,000, let the officials of domestic affairs office greatly turn on green light, come down for two hours, a still send forth Mo joss-stick, stick British formal residents' population of photograph slice originally put at the Du fly in front.But have what to satirize a meaning BE, this photograph exclusively shone on while still a few days ago cheating ID card.

This stone house isn't big, also for the appearance of 20 much even rices, in sweep very clean, in addition to several ten boxes of Huang Lu Shi with the highest quality, there are no other things.The gold is small to open after turning several turns, don't also discover what fresh thing, in the heart slightly some disappointment.

Cheap Pandora Necklaces "What person are you ?"Jue however ground youth that hope to burst upon in the wolf demon before the body, the old that uses magic weapon discovers after he repeatedly urges method Jue to also take back magic weapon, the all over the face is surprised to fear to ground to ask a way.

Cautiously want, if there is no the existence of fire tooth, the gold is small to open to estimate that oneself perhaps and early hanged for the where.

Fu body the underneath drew out that thing from the bookcase, under the light in the hall on shining on, the Du flies and discovers that this is unexpectedly a book, only this book doesn't know under this bookcase and put much for a long time, the top is dusty now.

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Baba Medahochi Kofi Omowale Zannu Mogbarimu Ajinaku El: Insinku (Celebratory Funeral Rite)
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oakley outlet online "Where?"The Du flies temporarily poured be stymied in questions by Li Dong Peng, thought think just answer way, " uncle in the group now can nothing important position, because the uncle is a deserter!"Make reference to here, the Du flies to think of before he return to the fatherland, Xin Ji's president of association seeks his some kind of long talk.Has been been so many after the events, Xin Ji's president of association was more optimistic about him, dictum as long as he stays, the of the leader of alliance of evil martial alliance is absolutely his in the future, however he has already done decision at that time, is still that the Wan speech declined.

"I?"The gold is small to open a bit puzzling:"I stay not good here?"

"Hum!"That female bureau chief Han was cold to hum a , in her heart disaffection, but have to compromise again, really is to feel be depressed, finally cold tunnel a , " you at last don't make me catch what evidence!Put a person, we walk!"Finish saying to no longer realize a hall inside of public, directly turn round to go out.

However beneficial then have a fraud, left bosom Yu a person's strength isn't enough the consciousness sea that props up to seal a Ling , seal a Ling take this opportunity, shout at top of voice, war rob knife to trail long long of flame, will that white of the world split an a crack.

cheap oakley frogskins sunglasses "Huming is clearly our things, why want to them!If"the mountain county is an unbearable pond Nu to hum a , some dissatisfiedly say, " they are relentless, that we jade accompany Fen!"


This pass to the somebody else of those abundances, be not what problem, but for in home destitute of, is noer less than than a sky of Qian, make them hard to exceed.

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Baba Medahochi Kofi Omowale Zannu Mogbarimu Ajinaku El: Insinku (Celebratory Funeral Rite)
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Baba Medahochi Kofi Omowale Zannu Mogbarimu Ajinaku El: Insinku (Celebratory Funeral Rite)

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jeremy scott adidas shop The gold is small to open after discovering these 2 people hiding in the cabin room, originally want to burst upon, scare them, but ten thousand have never thought, these two girls unexpectedly hide the cabin changes clothes in the room, hence should see of, should not see of, all saw a time.Only after the event at the thought of these two girls identities, the gold is small to open some behind fear-they are the daughters of thunder emperor, in case of this matter ask for to a thunder emperor fury, even if oneself has already come to a four ranks to awake, also impossibly have much long of life.

The appearance felt to work properly to know to send back, the Du flies a bit in distress situation, waste he still worried to is his to list as wanted an identity to expose, who know originally but was this red elder sister to wish to have his "attractive woman"!However, the Du flew to smile two after, the voice became cold to get up, because that red elder sister stir the contents of making a phone call the confabulation, also through work properly to know to spread back.

The gold is small to open to whisper a way:"Asking you is really a mistake."

Return to live area, the Du flies habitual ground to walk to gravity area.Wait until while wanting to open gravity device, he just think of him have already broken through in the pass, seem need not to carry on gravity again to train.However, the Du flies a to turn to read, thought of he yesterday hurtled a pass over after, the body ejected so many impurities, believed the bodily strength should have increment and had to try of idea.

jeremy scott sneakers It be sent back a mine."

Tang can son a get into status hereafter some controls didn't live their he or shes, because as she is discovering that she kisses jade at the male, oneself will also have pleasant sensation, although not ability and drive jade at male"infringe upon" the pleasant sensation in time compare,this pleasant sensation is after all what she on her own initiative take the offensive get, the concept is getting more different, the social woman always says now he or she is good to the equal treatment, because the difference of various physiologies, these still keep having a little the difficult, also similar now, each time with jade at male the zuo love does of affair of time, basic is all jade at the male on his/her own initiative in the aggression, Tang can all of sons are to passively accept, this time herself the active felling of course not is getting more similar, this kind of pleasant sensation differs from the pleasant sensation of pure physiology, more a kind of fellings that is mentally.

May you have many gold years.

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