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Medahochi's Prayer

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And hear that the 2 Bs has already seen lovely parents of jade, after knowing the condition of 2 B instauration, the jade lovely parents know that the 2 Bs can't be on wheel chair, and see them little two people's life of don't lift many happiness, didn't obstruct too much as well, after all 2 Bs if can stand up, the condition is still very superior of, can absolutely can go together with lovely jade, by so doing, the jade is lovely also under the parents' formal approval, live into the home with 2 Bs, 2 Bs also says their own affairs for the parents of his/her own old house, the parents certainly want to rush through to come over to look after they's son

Si set Pu Mr. Dun come manor to visit Henry's jazz in that day afternoon.The second day morning, he took us to visit the location that the Hugo of that crime have an accident.Then, we had lunch in the grillage basin mansion.Henry's jazz obviously thinks a Si set Pu Ms. Dun is very beautiful.His vision has been following her.He likes her very much, I dare to also affirm her to him and also have this together feeling.On our way home, he frequently spoke of her.After for the first time meet, we are then

The news of those bandits."Puppy son quickly in response to the way.

But let honey snow son distresses of BE, no matter how she suggest, even at last and boldly vindicate, opening all of the match boon is a speech don't deliver of leave, since didn't say to promise as well as say not to promise, let the honey be full of in snow son heart to endure long hardship.However her born nature is tough and resilient, otherwise can't be chosen into a top war brigade, either, so after, she is usually surrounded to open match boon or so, do for him some the type sent word of small affair, this pours to make her is full of happy.

Time slowly changes, turning an eye the sun has already slowly started of face west a square downfall, but leaf's singing the circumstance of breeze still don't turn for the better.Is five falsely copy of exchange blows already several as many as thousand recruit, but that falsely the shadow still can not break four defenses that falsely copy.This time is falsely five the shadow have already dimed a lot, particularly are that those are four to falsely copy about have already wanted dissipation in invisible, can even if is so the plan that they still have no half to stay back for cent, remain steady steadily guard own battlefield.

"Surprisingly white works properly burning so severe!"The Du flies to marvel a , then slowly take back to work properly burning, looking at afloat under the circumstance that big Ding sky of Jing iron steam grain son, lower in the temperature again slowly condense into the regiment of Jing iron to drop at ground up.

"Go and then carry on a test together with me, you are the affair of perfect evolution body and then can not cover up when the time comes!"Hear the Du fly to unexpectedly want to go with her together, the wave is green to temporarily think that she listenned to wrong.Etc. sees the Du fly after the firm look in the eyes, just have some "good heart" of persuade a way.

The detection is a kind of progress.

, The total building of bounty bar establishes here.

The strange living creature lies on the Du to fly a place tree under of mire layer bottom rest, see at this time Du's flying don't say for him a suddenly leave, the momentary is a bit puzzling:Didn't this guy want him to be to sit to ride?Wait empress the along while strange living creature to also disappear Du to fly back, he this just had some to dare not believe a ground of understand Du to fly to pass him and immediately and jubilantly fled to go to other places.

"?"The Zou ocean originally thinks with his gold Dan expect of the state can not tell fixing of the other party for, the other party affirmation is a dollar baby to expect above monk, however even if there is preparation in the heart, but see the elder that the Du fly a bright make card, he still keeps getting a shock, this makes card but represent evil palace's toppest person!


"H'm, I definitely come."

The flame of explosion center also spreads to go gradually, the gold is small to open gingerly Qian back, conceal the breathing on the body, and the center of facing that explosion looks about.The center that explodes at the moment has already become a ten several rices deeply huge cave pit, the square circle is about thousand meters, full is the smooth crystallize-like in shape material in dark red inside the pit, still don't live ground to send forth heat at the same time, up in the air form light Mi to spread fog of spirit.

Sir Henry turned to Barrymore and said:

In the room that the gold is small to open to a person alone hide at the cabin, to gobbled up to send to go into his/her own consciousness in the pit.Is very quick, the gold is small the body opening start violently changing, muscle, skeleton like soften down, among the body the combination moves afresh, the skin becomes smooth delicate gradually, the hair on the head also quickly grows ……

7 Expect a Si gram the Wei Er manor Baskerville Hall

"That is long happy the true person reveal by himself[herself].That he successfully refined a low grade method machine, by a happy chance meet with Huang Tong Dao person to seek him to tell a bitterness, say is refine the low grade method machine failure.The result is long to enjoy a true person not only don't comfort a Huang Tong Dao person, on the contrary taunted him some kind of, and Be candid in saying to admit that the matter of the medicine wine in those early years is him BE.Huang Tong Dao person this is just suddenly understand, this he always see as the elder brother of long happy the true person basically isn't what good bird!"The Zhu Hua Dao person makes reference to here and dead straight hopes Du to fly a way, " flies one degree way friend and hopes that you don't become the next Huang Tong Dao person!"

So piggy's words, the jade still keeps believing to is to have no problem at the male, just world has a difficulty just here.

"Old younger brother, this pink chrysanthemum is quite good, I came to Ao area to all amuse here in the evening before."A after meal, the Du flies already at open widely to get stripe for the old younger brother from the big brothers in Chuan mouth.

After waiting until again gambling party be over, forget and then mostly understood a wager method, however he is a bit surprised BE, he seems to listen to one that is called it as "Gu son" of the point of the thing inside dice.

But, the doctor says that he drives the speed is too quick, put on brakes out of order.It is giving first aid.My Tan keeps on being soft.I don't know to still have at this time what don't can not make I self-reproach.

The Du flew to flow to get off along with the person, however, he


The gold is small to open to stare big eyes, almost call come out:"You call me small brothers?Clearly you return than me ……etc., what did you just say?What is your name ?!"

Soon all finished eating, the wine finally didn't also finish drinking, don't know how 2 Bs thought, unexpectedly connect don't finish drinking for the firm Pis that he gargles, red wine's moving more don't move.

"You, you ……I really don't know how you are thought!"Lee is laying up his hippies smiling face, he is true Be getting more hasty.Although the Du flies have never been seen as friend he, two people got along with for a few months, at least is also feelings a little bit, see now the Du fly and choose a "one-way street", he not from start hasty.

, The moxa rice contributes efforts to you!"Because the Du flies to start an airship Zhi brain, the virtual picture of moxa rice immediately appears at his at present, smile to beat voice hello.

Elder brother B V makes the last jade go out words to say at the male this time, the jade doesn't know that elder brother B V what rubbish wanted to say to follow to go out again and arrived at moreover a compartment for getting empty at the male.

The year of the quite a few passed by, the Nazi appeared on stage to govern.

Good great power!

Turn a head to took a look Du to fly still and be absorbing too B Jing gold and too B thick soil, the car Xuan station turns head once and hopes blue sky white cloud on the sky to naturally start to hum song.Be like he just say of, he has confidence in a hundred years inside fly Du to create the superior whom Chengkong University multiplies by a period, wait until that time, see the Du fly whether can also endure the deficit feeling in the heart, don't throw in his bottom in the door?

Waited Du to fly to just fly the west coast that rose in the east a mainland, suddenly saw a big brigade a person a horse fly out in the group of islands from what five elders garrisons, what to lead the way was exactly a car Xuan station and wood Kui is 2 people.

That war, both parties all have no to can beg for well, however support in the force of wolf demon under, their gangs still kept becoming new underground clear Kun City ruler.But open fight later on, don't lack to there is the fisherman to want to make profit naturally, can take a person in the wolf demon 11 bloody put out after helping, those gangs that want to do a fisherman immediately maintain a discreet silence, the positions of their gang this just gradual firmness gets up and starts getting the underground worlds of the whole clear Kun City generally.

In order to filling up a find on the boon space empty boat, so he directly arrived ship businessman to accept the port of goods.This port and boon space stop the harbor area of ship in times before totally different, noisy uncommon.The empty boat friendly intercourse of forming a continuous stream shuttles and unloads large numbers of goods or loads and also have some carry a guest of flying and getting empty the boat mix up among them, businessman and traveller's contacts not unique, very busy.


"Nature be not.Dollar dint number your self-discipline how much be how much, can classify stratum with it, generally speaking a rank is following at 1,000:00, two ranks are following at 10,000:00, and each rank passes to increase by decuple number."

Jack of all trades and master of none.Know every subject, everything loose.

"Way can not be!Writing, language, similar to the environment.The prop that just uses to let other people to increase to comprehend is just.Preach, that is impossible.The way is in mind, everybody has his/her own way, and oneself only just can realize.My son is understand of."

"I feel very good, so can to war alliance of the attack does quickly reaction and early warning."Hear asking of the Ci Bo Fu's president of association words, the Louis Si master agrees with ground to say.

?That be:It is earnest.Earnest completion homework, hard attend lecture, earnest thinking, do according to the teacher's method!You will definitely succeed, the teacher believes, supports you.

"You are still not stupid!"Chen Shi Bin's rebel that hopes to fix attention on ex- this evil palace, double eye not from one Mi, in vain living one to kill an idea.However again at the thought of hereafter of greatly account, he still heart in of killed an idea to keep on pressing, don't make moves.

The I just never read between the lines I have never realized your implication

"This relates to their then statuses.Those people of absolute being act should be the relation that used to bite Tui A, but the guy that kills a pig ……"make reference to butcher a big dragon, connect a fire tooth this time all some captivations to don't understand:"Really very difficult explanation.However according to my calculate, that guy at that time body up should take what severe weapon, so would display so great power number."

Seal a Ling not to answer.

"For these several days, we obtained glorious result!The site that"the Jing a life time male sits in sitting in seat of honor, once the arm flick, puffed up with pridely say, " Vietnam helps has already been had a half by us, their drug businesses are also basic to all fall into our hand!"Make reference to here, the Jing a life time male but again is unbearable wrinkly to knit the brows, hate a way, " if not that those small ï¼²s originally got the Tai death really slice news, we can definitely thoroughly exterminate Vietnam to help!"Finishing saying to cannot help but sighing is a , really hating can not exert whole achievements!

After seeing the act of cannon that the gold is small to open hard anti- time immemorial to fight a fortress lord, regardless is Tan round still much Zong Zun Zhe, even the impresses were all foolish to live!All of them are the big summer clansmens that understands time immemorial to fight fortress very much, also all very clear lord the power of the cannon-that but be good enough to bomb to open the terrible strength of the wall of space Zhang!But was blocked down with the body by one now, this is dream?


"Hey Hey, since you want to know, that I said well for you!"See public curious about vision, ship owner hand in of fold a son card to button up bottom, then bright clearly voice, satisfiedly relate to have the process that he pursued a wife in those early years.The momentary asks for to win public support the strange words that the sailor often said some men and women's while doing not already envy, and taking the sailor of words head and immediately let to be full of laughter in the berth and floated outside sea surface of a window to upload to go out from afar ……

Think to make me retreat in the face of difficulties so, don't think that!How to also get me to put forward to a regrets marriage first!The dignity as a man disallowed to seal Ling to just met and then suffer failure and cold stare in this aspect.

Although being at the beginning some is flurried,the gold is small to open very quickly and then a town to settle down.The body surroundingses are all solidified by the cold ice, however this opens to the small gold to say not to calculate what, because he at algidity go into the body before have already too launched a sign line thou Huang wall.At the moment the skin of his body up have already presented a complicated and mysterious pattern, the ray of light of a way from in deeply shoot but, block all injury at body outside-that is too exactly the sign line thou the Huang wall launch the status in time.


"I wanted."Finish listenning to the great white crane true person's offer, receive noodles woman to simply become to hand over.

This movie is realistic.The I don 抰 care for it very much.This movie is realistic, I don't really like.

Yao area gentleman the king is in a short while silent, gnash teeth in hatred way:"This didn't relate to with you."

"Where should connecting down us go?"The gold is small to open to took a look desolate prospects on all sides, in the heart not from must have some to be fond of Mang.

"You two five planets the strong come to Vatican this time, affirmation wants to do what important event, we organize if tell you the way for getting into Vatican, you finally will definitely kill.Since so, straight-tempered make you kill me like, I why the need for take you return to disaster, we organize of others?"Ai Luo isn't a galoot, fly a ground of explanation to neutrally engrave to thought of result from the Du, resolutely brush-off way.

Arrive at to be partial to bring up the rear, the Du flies to see palace in many small generation pupils Be still just engaged to do preparation, obviously is a city haven't formally started with each other.

Black world.


At that time, a little butterfly once flew from our in front.摱 Circle Huang Se the pay the 瑪 Si set Pu to shout Gao and left to catch a butterfly to go at the same time.He by leap and bound runs and gets to mire pond along with that butterfly, but he knows that his own feet are shoulded fall where, there is consequently and then no danger.

When the leaf sings breeze to deliberate the background of dint inside he or she, outside in the door is several under knock on door of voice will he is from contemplate pullout reality.The leaf sings breeze to quickly draw back door to see virtuous Wei of Ao to pull 3 people to stand in front of the door.When they see what to open the door is leaf to sing a facial expression sign after the breeze turn into surprised air, the Ao virtuous Wei pulls in front openings to ask a way:"Young man did you have no an affair?"The leaf sang breeze to politely go 1:"Thank elder generation for bearing in mind, the younger generation has already what been up had no."Hear the leaf sing breeze to say so the temperament is the most anxious of black give to shout a way:"That so should elucidation the affair that break to knot boundary in the sky have no problem?"The leaf sings breeze light a say with smile:"No problem, the whole but order with the elder generation."The Ao virtuous Wei pulls to see a leaf to sing breeze to say so not from heavily exhaled an one breath, on the whole is let go of a worry, say with a smile:"That we didn't bother you to take a rest, before tomorrow noon will someone come to take you to go to knot boundary weak place."Finish saying a to pull rare Er and black the background giving facing walks.

The gold is small to open at an audit feel suspicious.They this is exactly saying what?What"that person"?What"that place"?Is secretive, see appearance's being different from is what good method.Only at the thought of previous these starses steal the trouble that brings oneself, the gold is small happy medium forbid don't live quick temper up flow out:"Hum, if not that Lao Tze urgently wears to leave here and arrive cloud road Di hole to take work properly actually, affirmation want to you seek some trouble!"

Make people reply to tie knots but use it.

"Like, this wins captain just temporary generation, wait have no falsely the elder generation came back and then will quit office, everyone continues self-discipline!"Listen to come to hand the congratulating of the bottomses, the Du flies to lightly put a hand way, then heads for his place of the peacetime"quiet fix".

The heart is a to all have no.Lay up endocentric disappointment, Du's flying is about to leave, a person in a hurry rushed through to come over.

"Calculate, can capture alive two four rank superiors' super superiors, be also worth respecting for a while."The autumn strong Ze presses down heart in of not quick, facing sea Si arch arch hand, immediately and then dialogue spring proper way:"Capture alive of where are those been two?Forbid to make to them?How is circumstance now?"

The monk self-discipline arrives diverted period, the Ning does three souls to divide time is have to of road, can once the Ning does to divide time, can not again and this at will blends, unless at pound at match a body to expect of, would blend 3 to divide time, borrow to divide time of the dint with one action break through a toll-gate.

"That you know your fathers all at do what?"Water thousand Lians ask a way.

Turned an eye to arrive big three, very strong because of the professional fulfillment learned by us, on three lessons of months, each rush thing to practice.So, the in a flash was graduation.I occasionally also think of him this period, but is no longer the topic that I live.Again afterwards, hear that he has already had girl friend, is that girl to make track for his.But, what relation does this have with me?I have already didn't mood then inquire into, just natural and unrestrainedly say, wish him happy.

Nine thunders rob later on, the Du flew the strength of feeling the body to about promote again 100%, very happy in the heart.However the title tooks a look the sky, he discovers that regiments robbing cloud to have no dissipation and on the contrary remitted to gather more energies, the thunder and lightning that divert often in cloud regiment, seem to be more for terrible.


'I like to look closely at these things myself,'he said.'Oh,Dr Mortimer,why didn't you call me immediately?'

The gold is small to open dark absorbed one mouthful cool spirit:What background is the clansmen actually this summer?How to is all this kind of thing in his memory?

However even if guessed to is what Du flies do, Xue Ling Jian also not say what, have to unclearly guard a personnel order way to that value:"Need not survey reason, look for person to equip those all fix good go!"

" Green, make a phone call for small Jiu and have what matter?"The brilliant Kai still loves dearly to this nephew of Tan Qing of, so Jiu nephew 2 people's relation is very warm.

"Fly son, you these years are how to come overs, say for mama quickly!"Pull the Du flies of hand, the summer blares snow to hope his face, a how also see not enough.

Gold small development this boon space always is very passionate, make now oneselfs are all very ashamed, suddenly think of in times before he says that he wants to point out for a while, short cut:"I although shoulding also be regarded as is a……practice moral teachings, my strength all comes from that crystal pit, you say in times before that I point out you, I don't know to go."


Thought of to concern own person, seal a Ling not from must again thought of a mother, probably, is to should return to see a bottom, don't know her circumstance now how.Last time at sealed to more leave in front simply supported don't go, anti- pour to remember fondly more now.

The critical point between life and death leaf sings the surprising equanimity in the heart of breeze, probably this is so-called to disregard completely life and death!The leaf sings breeze to solidify all of the remenant true spirits inside the body at own left Zhang on, unexpectedly give up all defense for can develop the at present biggest real strenght in.Big how the viewpoint that basically can't realize a leaf to sing breeze is, he knows that the leaf sings breeze it's stubborn, since is so make me pulverize this piece of suddenly unusually stubborn.

Only wait once they come out, friendly relation right away crack, and still respectively from back pull hind legs, Tong knife and fight both with open and secret means continuously, the end perhaps gets stripe again for the war-because scoop out from the super historic relic space of, usually have some strong power ancient civilization weapons, these thing even if oneself could not rob, can not make the enemy get as well.

Twisted to twist the door of veranda, the detection of Xiao Hui was locking of, however this is difficult don't pour him, from the trousers Dou in took out to come to a wire, 32 times of open a door.


"Lead for these three years how?"Follow Du to fly to walk into his dormitory, Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Chou Chou because there are no host for a long time, but receive an ashen furniture, without extra trouble picked up the Tiao broom of empress in the door.

"This Sir, do you want to purchase a crystal pit?You see this how?Whether a color and luster is still a quality all is up last it to choose or not."The young girl attentively carries on leading to buy for boon space.

"Do not cry here enough, cry you return to cry, I had enough of, my do-it-yourself of I undertake by myself" my Hao calls, I can not let some dignity of my own that end let mother thus of trample, the sobbing of mother stopped, she uses that having eyes fixed on of nerveless eyes dead dead I, still is a speech not hair, I hurtle the mother's face to twist to one side, that eye seems the elephant have to wear deeply my soul, I dare to also wish to see that eyes, I feel mother already have a little disorder, since the childhood I have never also seen her so, and then of the matter is a department chairman to arrive me

Not much, sealing the Ling has already sought to a heap of fuel and piles on the ground, to dream son according to say:"It's your turn to start a fire."

After at the beginning there communicating with R country, the solid Lun does obeisance leader of alliance to pass to take closing training as to lend and knit in the group in the alliance in after taking out a person and experimenting, by chance discover, the both parties research achievement combines together the medicine of developed and unexpectedly have pretty much of a ground of all rate can let drive inject a medicine have no the Sun ground promote real strenght.Is also say, those deluxe warrior that are hopeless to break the SAMSUNG of four stars, after injecting a medicine, have pretty much of an of several rate Pu classes!

"Is really unlucky!"Etc. leaves wharf, the Du flies to carry car Xuan a station to walk ascend avenue, this just the wry smile wrote to sigh tone and started along the road starting to look for Inn.

"Not just that guy!"The building handsome one punch hates a ground of dozen on the sofa, " just I seek plum, mother's mulberry says plum again be called by him go to!"

to hunt the man on my own.Sir Henry was still shaken by the terrible cry we had heard on the moor.I did not want to add to his troubles or to lead him into more danger.

"The Ci Bo Fu's president of association, the Du flies elder, Louis Si elder!"The Du flies 3 people to take many pupils all the way and rush through backward valley graduate school of at the same time, the troops also slowly expands to 600 bearers.When they arrive to a graduate school quickly, at the right moment see be taken by the strange pair president of association 300th, pupil, also rushed through to come over from another direction.

Hear Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Xun unexpectedly want to pass an of lord in the house him, Li Su Mao's breath is immediately a bit bulky.Although early know that the of this lord by all means belongs to him, father, Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Xun, always the body Kang body Jian, this lets already and leads to know for a sky, Li Su Mao in year of life, on thinking of to living grudge for the heart, until the end becomes a sting in his heart.But unexpectatively this Lee positive Xun unexpectedly the openings easily put power, how to let him be the concussion not!So Zheng after a short while, Li Su Mao immediately and excitedly lowers the head a polite way:"Is just luxuriant sincerely the Zun father teach, definitely Li Jia promote!"

Is by this time a lengthen is upscale to suspend to fly a car to stop to depend to come over, fill Ni Er of the invitation gold is small to open with distance snow 2 people get on the car, then then facing emperor's clan said by him go a temple to drive.


"What?"These old mans immediately sat not to live, " do you make sure so many Dan medicines?BE not playing trick?"

Originally their place is a Wei E huge white city, but at the moment in the white city outside, but round Long thousands huge empty boat fleet, the empty boat of that absolutely connect became one to keep extending the dark cloud of horizon, cover up the whole white city prison prison.Mutually in comparison, this sets up

The gold is small to open to absolutely like this to bite crystal arrived extremity, he figured out a name:"Month blade!"Contain strong energy in the blade in month, than his one-time of that bites crystal don't know strong how much doubly.The gold is small to open to really know thus, his real strenght can also raise a lot and again harm him towards ascending a second person of that Sa Cui Si especially, being unlikely canning not at least.

"I ……" gold is small to open also a bit sorry and ashamed, just and really forgot still and have card to pull so one thing.Sudden the gold is small 1 opening foot stumble and very heavily fall down at ground up.


"You this runt!"See small Taoist priest loafer ground appearance, the old Taoist priest helplessly shakes, then takes out a hand handle game machine to pass a way to him from the universe bag, " knows to go out this time, affirmative meeting drive you this is impish to blackmail, take go to!"

"As for everything that floats to living a valley, think that necessarily you have already understood a lot of, however I say that the all theses all control at me in, is causal."

"Is surprisingly this flies a degree to unexpectedly know ancient strategies, that he should at chain machine last scholastic attainment very deep!"Surprise over after, long enjoy true person's face top but peeped out smiling face, then crossed legs to sit in silence down.Although he sank into thou strategies now, return

"Mao!"One is stuffy after ringing, the place dust being bombarded by the blue ripples flies

See the appearance that the daughter places spirit, the summer blared snow wry smile one to say:"You know mama's three year agos got a conjecture reality technical mark book to Jing in sea City in the facing of mainland and took place among them a lot of matters, however at that time mama afraid you worried, so don't say for you."

'You are lucky that you have escaped him,'Holmes said.'You know too much But I hope you are safe now.Good


My friend's Christmas will not invite me, I ain't willing to forgive him, and what to suffer hardship is me.He can't get stomach ulcer, can't suffer from insomnia, can't get angry, the mouth can't deliver a bitterness, will have these reflections of is me.No wonder the thou saint is first wise to all tell me:"Forgive those persons who violate openly us!"Is however like this, just can often Bao happiness health, it is a main cause of paroxysm to record to hate, because the heart of spirit bitterness will cause the body of the bitterness of disease.

Later jade in the door is in the inquiry way of a male is still a small voice:"Mu snow, how?Is very painful?Really don't go us to go home to take a shower to calculate by bus ?"

"You ……" listens to the Du fly so on saying, Lin Wan Er although the spirit is hasty,also the understand his words is in the reason and then no longer speak not lousy, but fly in the brain

"What person?"The Du flies to whisper 1 in the heart, flies a body but rises and flies toward the small soil ascent of Peng door area empress.This behavior immediately lets to kneel to be getting more polite at the blue skin person on the ground.

"Eight Gas!"The researcher who hears a base inside says those

"At ……call me why?"The card pulls the voice of that lazy ocean ocean immediately response way.

Allow who there is this opportunity to promote mood, be bothered will angry behind.The Du flies after being waked up with a start, tiny wrinkly for a while eyebrows, however turned a moment to recover a mood, he has the heart chain Jue to can be steady to promote mood to why the need for care this the opportunity in the hand?

Say used up one matter of the sea person's food to the car Xuan station, the Du flew evocable concealed diagram to look into for a while and discovered that the sea person of inside indeed as expected started hungry belly.He then didn't hesitate and summoned up 1 F to work properly a dint protection cover in the body form, then plop one jumped into nautical mile.

Other materials that refine black gold knife can seek to get as well in the reality, however the price being some is expensive be.For this, the Du flew to exclusively go to a trip association hall, use the right of enforcing the law the elder, carried on a collection through the outlet of association.

Sky.)24. Take care of yourself.(Oneself bewares of/care good yourself.)25. Thank you for everything.(Thank your to in many ways take care of/you are everything that I do.)26. Thank you all for coming.(Thanks for coming.)27. I appreciate your help.(I appreciate your help.)28. You're always welcome.(Do not be polite/need not thank)29. Forget it.(Calculated)30. It was my pleasure.(Need not thank.)31. I made a mistake.(I got mistake.)32. I'm terribly sorry.(It is really sorry.)33. I must apologize!(I have to apologize!)34. I feel terrible.(My felling is what a mess.)37. What do you do?(What work do you do?)38. How do you like your new job?(You feel your lately work how?)39. I like it a lot.(I like very much.)40. I like reading and listening to music.(I like to read and appreciate music.)41. What's wrong?(What is the row?)42. What happened?(Take place what matter?)43. I hope nothing is wrong.(I hope to be smooth.)44. I know how you feel.(I know your feeling.)45. Sorry to hear that.(Hear this news me very suffered.)46. Come on, you can do that.(Come, you can make.)47. Use your head.(Do a lot of thinking.)48. You did a great job.(You rush through very goodly.)49

Chapter 61 ground eight(up)


After the male finishes listenning to, jade's none of in the minds knows to say what, however this time he is very suffered to pour is true, why, you want, clearly want to hold the belly cachinnation,can not smile, suppress so, isn't the ability suffered.

"What harvest?"The Louis Si signals hint Du to fly to accompany him to sit down, light Chuo one mouthful the tea ask a way.

Another one person chuckles a way:"You can try and see."

Be responsible for this time collect scrap iron of is still last time that love Zha shouts of younger brother, see when the Du flew to signal hint them to go out the step hesitated for a while, suddenly turn round come over, rush Du to fly the in front"plop" to kneel down a way:"Elder generation, I know that you are a Wu Lin Qi person, please accept me to do disciple, I will definitely show filial obedience your old man's house!"

"Elder generation, if sped speed, we could not be getting more warnning, that thing that bites a person when the time comes again, we by all means will be medium to recruit!"Being cleaning up the captain of dirty mire squad didn't talk, however an only female member of team in his brigade some dissatisfiedly answer criticism have no falsely way.Just have no falsely force them to come up to clean up dirty mire, she some disaffection, this meeting without falsely and again force, directly make her break out.

The sort continues to long for, and in honor of you, she changes a surname also Du."Make reference to here, the D gentleman mountain sees the Du fly to have much of interest ground to listen to, then strengthen a courage to continue way, " is in my imagination before, you were a kindly and kind middle age big uncle, but on meeting today, feel you younger than me, so temporarily still having some can not accept."

Jade at the male is to eat quasi- this, Lin Mu Xue isn't positive now and the jade prepare to think similarly at the male, if before under this circumstance, in the office, Lin Mu Xue's hand affirmative have already appeared at the jade obstruct jade at the going forward of male in the male's hand top, but don't appear at all not to say now, and her legs the slightest didn't gather together as well of meaning, this kind of attitude that match lets jade at male will be happier.

Listen to jade so on saying, the Du flies to immediately breath a sigh of relief in the heart, he just still thought how to give does the jade say to make her go to school and have never thought her by herself unexpectedly put forward come.However now since she by herself put forward come, Du's flying is about to take Joe:"I said that just the speed is too slow, so gift have no, wait next time opportunity!"

The rain-storm doesn't stop, beginning freshet in the city of doll, till Saturday evening, she hopes to go out from the veranda, water already half leg Gao.Her over the nightses all sleep unsteady, the sky has no bright awake, a second ground gets till 7:00.Usually and by this time the river should arrive, but this day, hear of Be just rain voice.She sits not to live, whole is water on the street, someone supports out raft to be a rent, she made a raft go to station, the station was empty, the person of on duty says, flood blunt broke a highway, yesterday afternoon, all cars stopped to open.

"The stone held out for long time?"Louis Si after waitsing Du to fly to open a shoulder bag, suddenly the vision is one Ning, puzzle a way.

Love's tongue is in the eyes. All of the words of love at double eye in.


Early in the morning on the second day, as Du is flies and then continuing to study six class sorceries, waiting until an afternoon, he he has been able to easily display "invoke Ning to do the warrior of Jing iron" and"invoke huge eagle of windstorm" and"invoke to spread poison rattan" is three six class sorceries, however he tell the teacher the Louis Si, he learn "invoke Ning to do the warrior of Jing iron", however this also gets a huge Kua great.

PS:Because there is a sudden affair wanting a processing in the afternoon, so more must late, the small Du says a SORRY here!

Seal a Ling immediately backstroke way:"Beg it not get.I pour to and see, you have what skill.Resist for a sky, the Chen is floating to living a valley, did you why not kill him now?"

This empty boat belongs to a very big tall ship, the outward appearance has a liking for go to like a huge shuttle son, the following of arc-shaped slips outside wall up spread densely a row to line up light Fan, have a liking for go to like is that one is full with the big fish of fish fin is similar.The inner part that gets empty boat is extremely luxurious fine, spreading on the hallway a kind of light can the Jian person's crystal, then hang many elegant art objects on the wall, obviously this empty boat isn't what ordinary people can ascend to get.

Come out from the space passage of practice moral teachings, immediately gather in the neighborhood of passage, and according to in advance assigning good directions to respectively organize a defence.Not and in a short while of effort, allly practiced moral teachings to all once wear passage, arrived at this super historic relic space.

Barrymore could not find the words to thank Sir Henry enough.Then he said:'You have been so kind to us that

"This I don't know as well."The old waiter shook to shake head, however repaired a way again:"However, the clergy that there was an emptied boat near the harbor, up was lifted down more than ten clear absolute being religious sections this morning, all got hurt not lightly, I far and far listenned to at that time they seem at say what'evening grand canyon', also not know is not is relate to that several individuals."

Not so bad jade in the male's last moment remembered oneself after death of is Qian Xiao Qing, oneself this time not ability entertain foolish ideas of, although that is also soon about to become one of own positive cards, however oneself also can not so of, let Qian Xiao Qing down too much.

"That certainly, my card spaces out a person to have no what don't know."

2 people at narrow and small house of in the Teng move to jump up, as if the ancient knight errant superior is general, just an an image is natural and unrestrained, but moreover an in most distressed then.The gold is small to open even if just caring to know in the space and comprehend again is many of technique, also absolutely impossible at so in a short while of effort in thoroughly of exertion come out.2 people are all understand, if continue to keep on putting together Dou, the gold is small to open of fall to hurt is sooner or later of affair.

Chapter 4 sage cures of the war rob future


"Is it absorbing red light?Is it really cracking that dint hole hole?"The gold is small to open to hope the red light of those gradual decreases and still at continuously inflate of vegetables green insect, the surprise in heart hands over to add.

Suddenly I saw behind Stapleton's smiling face a heart with murder in it.'So he is our enemy!He is the man who followed us in London! And the warning note to Sir Henry came form Miss Stapleton.

"The matter of those early years allows of no our se younger generationses to place a beak, however pushes all of all responsibility for to me cloud Zong Tou up, is to have already lost Mr. to grant, this matter I make it a point to beg for a parlance!"See peep out a silk to crave for unclearly in the vision that Ma Jun goes, the Du flies then clear voice commitment way.

The gold is small to open to listen to what he said interesting, can not help a bit itching to do unbearable.If not because the life span problem on the body didn't solve, the gold is small to open to still really want to experience for a while orchid degree say of the salon.

The sudden jade hears a burst of to knock on door a voice at the male, jade at male some oddness, hence picked up that thin Tan to round and then descend the bed sees and arrive at jade in the doorway bent over to look below someone to originally sew from the door at the male in filled a thing to come in, after picking up the jade opened a to see at the male, originally on binding a safe tablet, this under jade at male also stunned speechless, someone knew himself/herself and Tang can the relation of son.Hence the jade opens one at the male or so took a look, but outside a ghost in the door copies to all have no.

The A plans the member of team who fight the brigade already and three fairies get entangled in fighting long along while, the energy in machine AN also consumes half of many.The order that hears the captain accepting a brigade now, although don't know why, all rode with the current ground to withdraw a war turn.

The gold is small to open more is to feel that golden light, in the heart more is surprise.Originally he thinks that golden light just at present of this square the circle is ten few rices, but go out along with his spirit proliferation, but discover the function scope that that golden light produces unexpectedly very amplitude, even can be said to be limitless and boundless!The gold is small to open to wonder in a short while, simply read own absolute being to adhere to a golden light sign line in, along with sport of the sign line but outwardly proliferation, cautiously felt after, a long time's gold is small happy medium gradually frighten!

"What background does that this ring have?"This frost of the at the thought of fat boy works properly Ding, is that he quits in this Hao source fairy in find out of, the Du flies to the words of fat boy not from believed for several cents, hence then make a noise to cross-examine a way.

Rise her caution to think.

"The radicle boon household isn't likely to do so!"Is similar to Tang Huang, rice space council chairperson the moment negated this mind, then tiny deliberate a burst of, then open to contact a machine, to the clan of radicle boon household long the hair went to and contact a claim.

The gold is small to open to wait a group of people to arrive at that canyon of the front be lived road by the cloud and mist Zu, can not be ex- to go.The gold is small to open tiny wrinkly knit the brows, dollar the dint coagulate a double eyes, the super Tong ability launches and immediately and then sees the structure of that cloud and mist to a deeply.Come from a small idea for opening of gold to anticipate, that cloud and mist is unexpectedly a kind of very unusual defense sign line!It doesn't have much violent defense ability, but very of fortitude and resilience, which afraid is an enemy to break open the most outside layer into bank of clouds inner part, it is similar to smoothly act to will also be like to sink into mud.


Woman so old, finally and one day, she didn't need to be any to enjoy any further.

The body is placed in stone wall Wu Leng Yai within cave hole, on the other hand because the body is subjected to activity of severely wounded inconvenience, on the other hand because the cave hole space is too small, basically have no from the dodge, once dejected the flesh and blood that is then hit by numerous small ice-cubes is horizontal to fly, bellow one and present a big word and stick in the stone wall inside the hole.

Don't know as well to is the ethnicity that isn't that the gold was small to open to give offense to the whole flying fish, continue to continuously have bad flying fish to ruthlessly jump up to try very hard to.The gold in nowadays is small to open status greatly good, at the right moment big exhibition might of god, became all aggressors the result of boon space.Not and in a short while of time, the empty boat of the boon space top already the heap is full flying fish, and still have some to overload very obviously.

The Hui only and immediately opened widely mouth, the hair made no noise a sound.

" Is rob for 69 days?"Looking at to how can it possibly be quantity to press robbing of crest cloud, the Du flies cold absorbed an one breath, unbearable mumbling way.Then quickly set out quite a few small scaled sorcery to defendoof to knot boundary.

"Ha ha!"Just at and great white crane the true person put together Dou of any respects a true person to suddenly back a part and looks up at sky to laugh wildly.The burning fire works properly monster as any to respect a working properly of true person to spoil, with his idea connect with each other, his nature can see there of war situation.See the Du fly a quilt burning after fire work properly a monster to rush toward up, heart Cun he is certain to die, so any respects a true person to back to open an one step, happily the cachinnation gets up.

"Nothing important in fact also."The gold is small to open hurriedly polite, after all the other party owns even the knife goes a mother the monsters can beat off of real strenght, he doesn't dare as well to easily give offense to.

Originally, according to my original meaning, these words is don't mean to say, because I have been intending that the book review area adopts to have no for and the method for curing, no matter what comment on, want ~only to the point, all add Jing, but, I disappointed and experienced so long, comment on also however bye begin to point can calculate to come over of three, I have a little disappointed.If this explained what, explain my failure, my book is basically not worth seeing, but whatever kind, story write out, still hope to hear the other people's speech of, own some kind of strenuous efforts, can not get pointing out of other people, I all lost a direction by myself.Don't know that oneself exactly should also insist and even rose to change another a viewpoint of book.Probably, if result like the words in 1:00, with the person whom I talk will write here more, I just suddenly realize mistake, originally my heart is an unexpectedly such solitude.

"?"The Du flies just once the breathing sent forth, bosom bamboo true person immediately realized that he guessed wrong and waited to hear the inquiry that the Du flies and shockedly shouted a way, " Qiao expected!"

"Boon, no problem."The Louis Si master is obviously also this viewpoint, after hearing Ci Bo Fu a president of association order an over task, then nod assurance way, then pull

'She was very frightened of her cruel husband,but she sus pected that he was responsible for Sir


"What about certificate?"Hear the Du fly so on saying, those four people's complexion slowly some, also laid up a gun for the person of head, took out a hand electricity, prepared to check certificate.

Although the jade is the decision that descended to cut off all means of retreat at the male, but the process for waiting for in don't represent as well the jade is to don't need anything to do at the male, he still needs to think some things, for example how after a while persuade Tang Hu, Tang Hu will say which words etc. all of these need to be considered thoroughly.

Originally thought

To this, Du's flying not to think is a variation the person discovered his trace, because after that giant meteorite annihilated, just send out the star that the energy ties have never sent to serve as what fleet, obviously just purely demolishes that giant meteorite.

"Hum!"The temple packs woman spirit to hum 1 and tooks a look still emotionless obstinate old man, then the facing Du flew off the direction opening to make track for pass by.After waiting until a temple to pack woman to leave, just returned thin obstinate old man of light cloud of breeze, double eye in suddenly flash across an absolute being light, hope 2 people disappear of the direction smiled to smile, immediately again resumed the shape of huge rock sort in times before.

"Can break so big building now this appearance, do those destructors actually have much strength?Is really hard to think

The tooth Liao is straightforwardly several cachinnations, heavily clapped to clap a gold small open of shoulder-also luckily is that the gold is small to open this real strenght violent guy, if literally change other people to come to quilt he claps so and perhaps and early throws up blood for the internal injury but Wu-loudly great way:"Is small to open brothers, you absolutely be like top

The gold is small to open exultation, however he also knows there is no free lunch in the world, at that moment ask a way:"Does that need me to pay what?"

The woman that the Du flew to sweep to come up to is one eye, then hopes to watch from a distance other return noodles to save to crave for of woman, shook to shake head, light way:"I don't need."

The soul can not don't love but exist.

At face sea City already for a long time, although learn a few recruits type, his vapor trail definitely have no much progress, the spiritual influence on the ground indeed as expected very thin and diluted!Just hereafter had no the opportunity of last space, really need to cost several decadeses to practice vapor trail definitely?


, The Du flies and then immediately manages pure threads, lightly say.The Du flies to know that Chen Shi Bin's urgently wearing to rush through a time is also to the utmost a personnel, perhaps doing not also think can change an evil palace drive the result for putting out is after all opposite than the monk that the Qiao expects to say, diverted behind the monk expecting is absolutely general absolute being existence!

Seal while lookinging at dream son to give repeated advice to him according to that Ling that heartfelt concern, feel very delighted, there is unexpectatively also a his/her own person of concerning so, not from must tease a way:"You call to resist for a sky, elder brother Chen, but call my senior, whether this is a little bit unfair?"

"Small Du, do you really think?If apply for, at least get in the space foolish last a year

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Frankly speaking, if I overcame not and hard at that time, my face affirmation would be red.My in the mind is happy to break down, superficial but stay calm and collected.

The gram of the west the miserable sight that saw this flying to get empty boat, ordered to nod, understanding this process affirmation for escaping was full of breathtaking, some gratefully say:"This ability was on the hoof to come out, really needed to thank you."

That strong man up and down conjectured a gold small open two eyes, recruited to beckon with the hand, immediately a thin and feeble youth outside ran to come in from the door.That youth is also naked last body, only the body up has no of the metal armor is probably the relation of malnutrition, skin color pale, scrawny.

Finally those monster persons have already responded, only this kind of reaction also all makes people a bit fantastic in thief of star's eyes.Only more than ten monster person the swagger ground stood out, the monster person of rest's then seeming was joining a crowd for fun one gathering in the surroundings, often still point a point to those star thieves, seem they have never seen mankind similar.

However etc. Han Qiu Ya's half squints Jing to walk into inside after, in astonishment discover, the inside of the warehouse inside empty of, not only is the corpse of silver wolf, connect those are stained with is full blood stain of break boxes to all be missing, only the Du flies a Ta money leaving to put in the corners of room and seem for"use"ing a somebody else warehouse, but paying "rental" of.

The Yan baby is together the spring autumn period the prime minister of country, but the outlooking is very common.Once, together Wang Pai goes abroad as ambassador Chu's country, Chu's king hears that the Yan baby came and wanted to humiliate him, hence opened a low and small door under the city wall.Yan Ying knows that this is Chu's the people to intentionally humiliate him, say:"I is come to visit, this is a kennel, not an entrance to a country, if what I visit were a dog country, I would go in from this door."Once Chu's the people listen to and open city gate to let right away Yan the baby went in.The Yan baby sees Chu's king, Chu's king intentionally asks him:"Together country no one?How to send you to come."Yan Ying answered:"The our country parties person visits a rules, the first-class nation sends the first-class person, I am the most useless, so send me to Chu's country to come."Chu's king feels after listenning to the baby of Yan is very fantastic, to he respectfully rise respect, and extend apology to him right away.

"Light rain, you so the single is not a matter either, said for mama, at hand have what can choose of object?"Sit on the sofa of hall, the summer blares snow to roar with laughter ground to looking at the children of crest beam in the summer house and that spirits peculiar granddaughter, full is the happiness of family reunion in the heart.However is unique to make her dissatisfied now be, daughter summer rain divorce hasn't been re-marrying behind, this matter has already gradually become one of her secret concern.


That is old to practice moral teachings to every where took a look, depress an orotund way:"I also just hear don't know just to isn't true-it is said that boundary inside, lives a second person of a lot of Sas!"

The new elder Du of palace flies, the whole body fixs for the no trivial matter.Can join me evil palace in really I the luck of evil palace!"

Again and again seal a Ling to discover oneself unexpectedly several times

In fact this dispute is easy, a for-rent car because round the business of road and guest takes place of quarrel, only that guest is the M the people that a has the backing very much, so this city police department that just make.That M the people after blocking a for-rent car says to go the outside pool sees a sea view.But that for-rent car driver then humiliate M the people incognizant road, intentionally is facing to round a turn of son in sea City, some places even once rounded some times and waited until that foreigner detection not to, then and immediately and that driver produced quarrel and finally made a police department inside.

"What is the row?Have the words to can understand me?"The person whom the gold is small to open to hurtle those a monster loudly yelled two, he although the guy that doesn't fear these thick Lous, puzzling and these people exchange blows, that will never be the affair that the small gold conference do.He also ambiguously remembers, the common monster person should be able to understand the words that he or she said.

Is a small followers!"The male of Yin Zhi smiled to shake to shake head and negated the guess of the cloud Xi of summer.

The gold is small to open of so feeling those things is to gobble up a pit, is because he occasionally from above feels one silk light motion existence.Don't know actually obviously how many years in the past behind, which gobbled uping pits was afraid all have already become a fossil, but still kept remaining a certain"activity"!

Five elders be still with before similar, although is like is common of the old, double what eye lets out relentless ray of light, is make people hard to force to see.

Really can't fall in love with an another person again

The gold is first small to open this to still have this felling, in that short moment, he even felt one unspeakable super to take off feeling and imitated a Buddha have already taken off by himself/herself the Qu hull that limits soul, have no to obstruct ground to rise up in out of the sky.The whole world exerts in own control, that kind of imitate the Buddha holds the whole world all in the hand of felling, make the gold small to open almost off the trail.

But, just on the car, the Du flew the tone of order type to again remind Ni can this fact, her cultivation of 14 in the last yearses isn't equal to family's 14 dayses!Let her heart in thoroughly collapse to the divine faith of sorcery.However, the Ni can believe in to collapse in the heart at the same time, she again the establishment has new faith, that be fly to the Du of hate!


The gold was small to open oneself to also try self-discipline for a while this achievement method, but the dollar dint obviously increases, besides which, have no other too big varieties.When"fire tooth" in the body that is small to open to inquire oneself the reason time concerning this problem be again scolded mercilessly.

Sent to walk the thunder of concussion receive virtuous, the Du flew to smile to smile and returned to bed up cross legs to sit down, start continuing self-discipline, want to cut off strong real strenght, a silk ten cents can not relax self-discipline, either!

The gold is small to open after school, the Wei fingerling runs to seek him to go out to have fun.The doorway, the sporty elegance in the Wei fingerling whole body white, looks at the school very handsome and talented and natural and unrestrained, and he is that hair that dyes into a gold yellow, seem to be very handsome more.See a gold small after driving away, the Wei fingerling stretches to begin arm to call a way:"Is small to open an elder brother, here!"

In the girl's memory that is her with boy is also the only body contact for the first time, at that time that kind of concussion but again have a guilty conscience of felling, still very clearly stayed in the brain, although so lead for several years, pay no attention each time of thought of to still will have the felling to increase heart beats.

A high school teacher took over a bad class of form master work and at the right moment caught up a school to arrange the labor that each class student takes part in neat drill ground.The student of this class hides at the cool place who Be not willing to do to live, either, how to say to all have no effect teacher.Afterwards this teacher thoughts of a way that takes backing as to enter, he asks the students:"I know that you aren't afraid that the stem lives, but all very afraid hot?"The students who don't wish to say that he or she is lazy as well, then conflicting views says, really too hot because of the weather.The teacher says:"Since is so, we wait the sun bottom the mountain do again to live, we can be painful to have fun to heart's content and quickly now."Student a listen to happy.The teacher also bought several ten ice creams to make everyone solve for making atmosphere more warmly some hot.At say to smile of play joy in, the student accepted the teacher's persuasion, not the etc. the sun fell mountain to start to amusedly labor.

Woman too"sheep" not good, too"goat" also not go, must moderate for a while.

Chapter 30 hole mansion

"BE?"The Du flies to say with smile, " that hereafter has opportunity to go again!"Say the Du flies once the tone turn, " however, you can take us here now visit for a while?"

"They this is also helpless.The end stage in the war in time immemorial, a great deal of of the summer clansmen be exterminated by mankind's allied troops, the summer clansmen civilization ash of original brilliancy flies smoke to put out, the strength is captured, the mankind are more and more strong, and the summer clansmen is more and more weak, they this is also not

A piggy, a sheep and a head of milk cow are closed in the same corral.Once, the shepherd caught piggy, 牠 loudly the number called and like forty resisted.Sheep and milk cow dislike that the number of牠 calls and then says:He usually catches us, we don't loudly appeal to the public small call.The piggy listenned to an answer way:Catch you and catch me completely am a different thing, he catches you and just want your hairs and human milk, but catch me, but want my life!

Li Jun says to walk and then walk and turns the whole top of eye to leave the 1,001 people and everywhere corpse of courageous empire.The second dint sees the form station starting to toward a sorcery speaking trumpet to say:"This four countries competing for hegemony has been already ended, the first is a courageous empire, the second is named fairy force empire, the third is named Dou


Waited a quarter again, the person of the Vatican also came.Go to this, can be treated as that the five planets of whole Europeses strongs all remit to gather at here.

At the beginning they just want to create strong dint, cheap and obey orders of soldier, but afterwards the development of affair outran gradually to publically control.The cause of affair is easy, the summer goes crazy and discover that the mankind, this plain body almost can call up to is that potential is infinite!

"What?"Listen to after vice- leader of alliance make collective report the war situation of valley behind, the solid Lun does obeisance leader of alliance eyebrows a wrinkly, wanted to think, immediately and then come out room, take to fight an alliance to take part in the owner of this combat, rush to the tower Si empress valley in the valley.

The girl stealthily smiled.She didn't tell him, in half year inside, the father has been pushing bicycle, far and far the heel is in their behinds.

"Fairy, I came."The step voice stops outside the door under, the dog son carefully knocked to knock way in the door that the Du flies.

Hear rather the invitation of Peng, pure Huang 4 people immediately noodles now difficult color, whet Ceng ground not to talk.Obviously would not like to descend a sea adventure.See this act, rather the Peng isn't livinged an angered idea by heart, the chest annoys difficult even, loudly irony settle Huang several 4 people after, then and without telling anyone walk to the seaside, prepare one personal bottom sea save Du to fly.

Stretched hand to stop together and together friendship

Only because of just sank into, almost all seamans are shaken of seven Qiaos bleed and die, connect the under charges of dragging along the thunder also all everyone severely wounded, in addition to drag along thunder to have no severals to can make intact have no Sun.The gold is small to open be also shaken of muddle-headed change direction, however he silently lifts to gather a dollar dint to hang at the final reckoning sinking into empty for a while, so have no harm on the body.

"Qin Di's space."

The card pulls be like just from among long long sleep wake up, at opened eyes see an at present gold small open behind, it is an acclaim, flapped wings to rise fly to gold small open of in the head, repeatedly jumped two times.

Six green rich in experience, each time wife and children's eating is all shallow to taste Zhe, so she can eat several more kind of a light repasts, while she secretly hides to have caution to think, didn't tell Du to fly and prepared after he can not eat any more delicacy of eye Chan because of belly bulge and intentionally ate Chan he.


"Small generation teaches a head!"Take a rightness green tunic the black beard male wait the person's hatred, China is strict don't stay a hand on taking place, the drum starts to concuss working properly of whole body dint heavy the boxing bomb to the Du fly and prepare a drum to annoy to defeat he, save so much F square's Tui power.

See a Dan dust the son pull to this topic, the Du flew a tiny smile to say with smile:"This time, the younger brother comes be conveniently tell an old elder brother a , because the state is unsteady, the younger brother will go vulgar life time experience and training right away.As for experience and training time concrete length, younger brother also not say!"

st time I saw you,I felt something inside,I don't know if it's love at first sight,I do know I really like you a lot. Tanya C Medeiros

Probably so, so as to change under the setting sun, the holding the hand of hair white remains!

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All the way the gold is small the opening in detail related a time of the career that releases each dollar dint hole hole by himself/herself for him and listenned to Yao area gentleman the king is repeatedly a surprised Cha, shocked not already.Particularly be him to hear that the big summer clansmen unexpectedly owned time immemorial to after fighting fortress greatly change on air of face once again.

See to work properly burning before the ninth thunder robs arrival, can not gobble up the dint of finishing the thunder and lightning in the body at all, the Du flies not from some in despair saw a the universe on the eye left hand quit, is really a sky unique I am also!

"You can't thought of and float the war of livinging the valley, most in order to famously isn't this to fight, but post-war aftermath."Water is 1000.

The strong of the innumerable from flew high but rose on the earth, joined to those four Tao Kuangs took of combat in, can not reckon how many of strong withered from the air like the meteor sort, the whole body changed into a dazzling energy explosion to open.

At a stretch make reference to here, Lin Hong Mei tooks a look to still sit on the ground of six not intentional, immediately after way:"He now make use of of, is a part to bite Tui A.You just also saw, not enough because of the stage of awakening, not intentional he at most can force to use biting of overlay hands Tui A, and can make use of of time also very few, and still need to consume a great deal of dint."

"?"Suddenly hear the Du that someone yell in the ear, think oneself's affair fly startled a surprised, the title hopes to go, but detection is at the beginning in the Meng county of three young masters!


The black rock of foot that the gold is small to open to sneer at 1, point, way:"You by hand dig two times to try and see."The time that just ascended this black island the gold is small to open and have been already discovered, the rock of foot doesn't know is what quality, unexpectedly out of the blue strong and tough, its degree of hardness even has already come to a the degree of exceeding metal, seeming this mainland is special of the nature structure but formation of material.

"Ha ha, cheat his, " Du flew to gently smile to smile, "you are foolish here now, I go in and see."

The tower Gao Jin Qian's meterses, top and bottom thick thin even, the whole tower body engraves a veins of spiral ascension, numerous sign lines spread densely it up, the ray of light of energy from bottom the supremacy don't live fluxion, ray of light flicker, gorgeous and dazzling.

" Forget?"Three young master Lengs Leng, " is he to walk just yesterday?Come dry what?"

In fact say that this is the singing aren't all also, concretely say to come, should be blaring of a kind of animal to call, however the singing of the orotund and very much resembling kid, so draw on a person very easily.

"You this matter I consider for a while and see the way that can find out solution."The Du flies to finish saying that seeing Han Dong is a bit gloomy, then

"Return be really some be like!"Wipe the dirty mire on the strange living creature body go to after, the Du flew to carefully observe his appearance and discovered and the absolute being dragon differ of place, be have no the gold scale on body and the antler on the head.

"Walk!"See all polices come out a house, once Han Qiu Ya wave hand and led off to get on the car, other polices and armed police saw a form and also one by one in order filled up a few police cars.Immediately after a few cars launch, in the dark night once the car tail lamp jilt, the facing afar drives.

The summer is a little bit crazy to nod, way:"This is all right.You can produce the third eye now, although there is no mistake on the concrete fusion step, you are first of purpose isn't for producing the third eye-this I didn't speak amiss?"

Let out absolute being to know to took a look to imprison a mermaid and if the knot boundary of rat, discover they at the moment cent have part adjust an interest, the Du flies tiny tiny on smiling, again fished for the unique valley of the sea person's place, didn't discover what problem after, then read to leave concealed bead.

"That I now take!"A listen to the Du fly the road son that can find out self-discipline for him, Han Dong's eyes a bright, immediately and urgently and in a hurry left, see the Du fly to shake head to have no language.


"Open to fly empty boat to need a certain dollar dint to just go, only practicing moral teachings then can the self-discipline is a great deal of dint, can also start bigger fly empty boat.Is much less ……"the boon space Be some to ashamedly smile to smile, way:"Is bigger to fly empty the boat is very expensive, only have when I after becoming practicing moral teachings own great power, just can earning more crystal currencies.Otherwise with my current work remuneration, probably would not° until several decades save sufficient money."

"Do not know that the chain device that the elder needs that rank anticipates?"Fly Du to take toward material database, that reception monk side walks side to ask a way.

BE wondering, the gold is small to open to suddenly feel that nearby spreading one is small to loudly move.Turn a head to see go, the gold is small and opens this and just discover, is a rice of Mr. Zhu is also lifting up head to peep, obviously this old guy is to don't get hurt, but pretend to be dead here.Discover gold being small to open after seeing him, rice Mr. Zhu hurtles a gold small open crowded crowded eyes, spread to pass over here a message:"Pretend to be dead, don't lead long to pull into."

"Butcher eldest brother, afraiding of this cans not blame him, either."The gold is small to open don't already is also a wry smile:"They although the form of address up calls good to listenly, what'palace

The gold is small to open to say with smile:"Recompense what of, that pours is need not, however I really want to know, are you how can sealed in the crystal stone?You actually violated what

"Why?War confrontation still be good friends with than the peace?"The black piece cannots help but speaking the doubt in the heart, he still has some hard comprehension to the thing of this Er worry my Zha.

On the second day, receive in the thunder virtuous envy of in the look in the eyes, the Du flies to take the making of Louis Si card certificate and passed to cover with the sorcery knot outside the valley boundary, and then arrive at he half month ago go in of mountain wall.

"Fight an alliance to back!"At this time, be responsible for observe condition of the enemy of prognosticate another member to happily shout a way.Smell speech, the Du flies mind penny and also backed out from consciousness space.

"Go to and open other stone prisons also, then seek some eat of with wear of, we prepare to leave here!"The Du flies the key that will watch a body to up search from the blood servant to throw to sister a pair, then walk to arrive at the beginning that brave departs from this life of place, slowly squatted down to sit down.

"Not bad.Nothing important in fact also difficult matter, generally gobble up

On the grandstand four National Assembly the form hope downward of time, rest three commander - in - chiefs also in great quantities wear this own opponent.The war that sees white noodles Duo right away wears a person of white Kui white A, Qing of hand wear one pole big gun facing F square's military flag bottom Chi come, be arrived military flag to dismount to up ride a hand on taking Ma Jiang, fight Ma Ren to sign but rise will ride the noodles of hand to permit to leak out.After the noodles that sees a pure bearer permits, the field took place bottom to ring out at the same time a few surprised shout, Sun Mou waits what person shouted BE:"What?"The emotion of surprise and cut up rough in the tone all includes.But etc. of Ao snow person but shout a way:"How to return


The thunder emperor looking at his/her owns two daughters, peeps out one silk kindly on the noodles and says with smile:"Stop worrying, even if this boy really has what not satisfactory, I see on the next achievement that he signs, also all can't to he how of, only and exactly give he what kind of award for merit, pour to return be really

"E, also right."The gold is small to open to grasp to grasp hair, discovered that own viewpoint really has no truth.If real strenght the strong know a sign line, that is in the Ding space in sky now or Qin Di space in, know the sign line of sign line the teacher be also unlikely so rarely seen.

Big two first half semesters, because examine suddenly increasing of the lesson, my playing truant finally has been already refrained from rash action.But because of mostly the course belong to a school of arts property, need not rush through so tightly, so the habit still keep being continuing.Sit in the class to cope with a teacher at ordinary times, in fact learn of thing is seldom, only arrive close to examination of time, I just force to read several more eye book, many time creations with some fee order the cheat sheet of function.

When I arrived late in the day of year, feel last a silk hard of hope, I decision the family, Is that change me become intimate with of person-but, alas!They don't accept a change.

hat I don't want the police to know my secret,Dr Watson,'Frankland reminded me.'I'm too angry with them at the moment to help them.'

The gold is small to open one Leng, he originally thought that the old monster person would directly discuss the affair of developing the slot with himself and had never thought but is made reference to name top.

"Return is really a student."The Du flew to smile to smile and put away all things and came downstairs hotel, blocked a for-rent car, went straight to the south Zhao university.

"This marsh mainland look like Zong Men all have no, even a monk also have no, don't know alliance why wants to send us to come here, go to the mainland of other war situation vehemences not is should be better?"Hear the inquiry of the station of car Xuan, Du flies and then has never concealed ground to grasp him to an affair of strange living creature to speak 1 time, then freely complaint way.

"E, this …… should be unlikely ……"

The Holmes was like to just win a person of important game."That he can be really not that smart, " he says."He(say him) calls what name?"

Fatty pig the family are certainly to have no problem on Monday, Tang can son they are also to have no problem, everyone takes a stroll on the sandy beach, looking at limitless ocean and chats to play for these several days the affair that the time sees.


Six green in the green jade precious jade and little bandsman younger brother Jie ground under the arrangement, at think gentleman hotel have already stayed more than a months, and Ma Jun's going elder generation is also pleased by them to come over.

Suddenly is again a burst of machine Gua voice ring, "quack Zhi Zhi", be like chain occurrence wring.

Sit the sofa of hall up, the Du flies to listen to be full of in villa of sparse inside Hua of water voice is exactly a summer thunder their clearance over impurities after is taking a shower.

Woman too"sheep" not good, too"goat" also not go, must moderate for a while.

Chapter 8 space drifts(up)

"Ha ha, this everyone's lucks are all very good, however look, still my luck had better!"See Ai Luo turn over a card, the Du flies cachinnation 1, and the maid who signal hint after death accepted the counters on the table all.

Under of the summer is crazy the slightest uninfluenced, on the contrary is satisfied with that head in the location says with smile:"Old woman Luo Tu, see appearance, you finally resumed real strenght."

"You see by yourself!"Sighed tone, Li Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Xun provided the phrase that to pass to Li Su Mao, then change direction a summer to blare snow way, " younger sister Xia Men's son was regarded as an old elder brother to beat a face this time and borned a such a bad grandson.See Li Liang at our summer

Thought of here, six green immediately feel some coat of being stifling, then starting to put ons, want to come downstairs to walk to relax.

Although the huge whale suffers serious wound,the huge whale doesn't die, after painful Si roared several voices, a head of tied cloud and mist and turned an eye to escape to go into deep place in the canyon.However the gold is small to open don't want to obstruct as well, he want to know actually is who send out of the attack-if this light beam is to aim at oneself to carry on an attack ……thought of here, the gold is small to open a body of top not from get a cold.

See the small openings spirit of gold put soft, two girls immediately shout and spring up to clap hands a congratulation.


Lin Ba Zi sees Du fly to agree to go to casino, once the facial expression change and open mouth to want to say what, however flank of Lin Wan Er pulled to pull his hand, signal hint don't speech, then father female 2 people Tan Te ground heel in the Du fly after death, silently headed for city in.

"Your blah!"

Small in the gold open a this place to knit the brows at the time that bitterness thought, that Rong Yan's believing in a Zhang door the vision of strong Ze had already fallen in his body for autumn.The strong Ze expects after after all being a three ranks this autumn of superior, while seeing a gold small to open, the heart neutrally engraves to would be a surprised, can not see through a gold with his current real strenght small open of depth, ambiguously even can also feel a silk Wei to press, this can explain an affair:That is this person to have his/her own far super real strenght!

At the moment ship's bow up have already come together more than 20 white pastor Paos, all respectfully stare at that empty boat, the dint flows out on dollar of body and seems time to prepare a speech to be unsuited to and then get into nasty fight.Two white pastor Paos fly to the other party to carry on a negotiation on board, but disappear the other party someone appear.

"Does the Hao source fairy quit?This not is make the universe quit?"The shape that looking at fat boy amazement, the Du flies to lower the head to took a look the universe on the his hand to quit, some oddly ask a way.

Is understand to settle a dispute the beginning and end of feeling, the Du flies not interested in strange fish head, recognize a good direction, continue to fly toward the east.Leave that strange very heavily fall once in sea, the unwilling nature hoped a sky to just almost arrive the delicacies of mouth to fly to walk.

What about Yao difficulty?If the parents dislike us, but can also work hard to the utmost filial piety, that just calculates is difficult to is valuable.The ordinary people always think that the parents want to after sons and daughters have to pay, the sons and daughters just have to have the obligation of a line of filial piety, this and be the haggling of market where is the difference?


Consciousness violently revolves for an instant over there, but time becomes slow-moving.

After seeing ground a fire monster the Jing swallowing the Rong Yan that oneself sends out, that huge fire snake is also extremely shocked, as the living creature that owns strong strength, it by instinct felt extremely strong crisis feeling!Fire snake body fiercely and backward one Yang, close behind its body like blow breath a sort to quickly inflate, the originally long thin body became a globosity in the blink of an eye, this and the underneath that wildfire ball knot put together to see, absolutely is like a bottle gourd that pours to put!

Connect down for several days, jade at male spend in the room of the work and several females, certainly he still wants a continuous thinking how make a showdown with several females home person.

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